This is the blogspot…for serveral thoughts

Hi all,

my name is Nikolaos Ballas  and i come from a small village outside the city of Halkis in Evoia Greece. I was raised there until i had to go to Patra and turn my hobby into studies. So i entered the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department.I finished my studies and then starting doing MsC and also working. Finally i find my self working in various exciting companies and then after finishing the army i left Greece and moved to Luxembourg where currently i am a j2ee tech lead for the platform responsible for the translation of documents used from various European Constitutions. I want to write about problem i was facing in various portions of my life so i started this blog!Hope you will find something useful here.

So what you will find here?

  • My thoughts about several problems in life.
  • Experience with several programming problems i have faced and how i solved them.
  • Thoughts about life outside Greece.
best regards

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